Google Passed Apple As The World’s Most Valuable Company In The Fortune 500.

It is very important more than ever for business to rank on page one for google, Business owners just paid over $ 70 Billion to google alone as from of advertising “Adsense”. As mobile search keeps growing 70% of all search are from mobile devices, as it’s expected to hit 90% in next couple of years, there is no choice to big and small businesses but to stay ahead of the trend by optimizing their website to mobile friendly version as well as convert their site to AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). Google has two search engines, one for regular computers – laptops and so on. The other for mobile phones and devices. that was normal and natural for google to focus on mobile and rank websites that are mobile friendly since %90 of searches are coming from mobile devices. Please Contact us to help convert your website to mobile friendly and your google rankings live.

Hiring Search Engine Optimization Expert is a great way to help you get to page one of Google and stay there. You need to be very careful as you go along. Just be sure to use the excellent advice you were given here, and things should work out in your favor.

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Does Your Business Need To Hire Search Engine Optimization Firm?

In order understand what we are saying here, Let’s imagine a scenario:

Let’s say that your are a dentist, you went to school, took all the student loans to pay for your education, with countless days of hard work and night of homework, finally you graduate with at the top of your classs, with very proud parents, and heart full of gratitude. You go out to start your career, couple of years down, you are doing such a great job that you want to start your own practice, you start advertising, but people can’t find you in google. let say that the city that you serve, a potential client/customer has tooth ache and want to search for a dentist to take care her/him. like everybody, pull out his/her phone, look for google app and type (your city + dentist) or ( best dentist in + your city). Pull out your phone and do the same. If your business is not visible on page one of google, you could be loosing tenth thousand of dollars a month due to that, that could be the difference between expanding your business, buying a new or second house, taking that vacation that your spouse always wanted, or simply putting your daughter to college.

Next We gonna have a real time example of how much a potential business might be loosing simply by lack of ranking and visibility online.


Some Tips That You Need To Know.

If you want to make your way onto page one of Google, you need some search engine optimization, or SEO tips. Getting to know the basics of SEO is going to be tough, but here you’ll get some easy to use tips. By building a solid foundation to work off of, you can become good at anything!

You cannot use just stuff keywords onto a page, place ads on it, and expect it to make you money. A long while back, this was an easy way to get ranked well, but Google has long since patched it up. You need to work with keyword density, which means you need only to have about 2 or 3 keywords per 500 words. Any more than that and you run the risk of your website getting penalized for what is known in the SEO world as keyword stuffing.

There are plenty of great keywords even if your website’s niche is a common one. Seo experts can find keyword tools that you have to pay to use, and they can help you to figure out what to use on your page. The key is not to use anything that is far too popular, and never to use a keyword that is far too obscure. Find a middle ground and make sure you pick more than one keyword. Each post you make to your website and the content on each page can revolve around keywords that will do fairly well. By having a lot that does okay instead of one or two that may do well if they take off, you’re in better shape.

Hiring a good SEO company in Atlanta Ga to help you get your website up to date is a good idea. You just have to make sure that they have reference websites you can look at to see whether or not they were able to help others rank well. One way to learn how well their websites are doing is to get a keyword analysis tool to use. Plug some text from their website into it and see what words were repeated a few times which will be the keywords. Search for them, and see where the website ranks.

Don’t think that you can make it to page one on Google in a day or two. It could take months, to be more accurate it depends on the keyword difficulty, and you also will need to make sure that Google is crawling your pages with their software. The quickest way to make this happen is to create a sitemap. A sitemap is pretty much like the index of a book. It contains all of the links to all of the pages on your website. You can submit that to Google, and it then knows what to crawl. Just be sure that anything you do to your website is reflected in the sitemap.

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